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Bow and Truss

After a recent trip to the Bay for some last minute wedding planning and some serious wining and dining, Cameron and I were secretly craving delicious Mexican,but promised to get something light and healthy since we are “shedding for the wedding”. Since we flew into the Burbank airport we decided to look for something in the North Hollywood area. We were going to go to Pitfire to get our traditional chicken salad when we stumbled upon a new restaurant called The Bow and Truss.

I was surprised by the elegance and beauty of this NoHo spot since many restaurants here seem to be in line with the cookie cutter theme. The minute you step in, a breathtakingly beautiful bar welcomes you along with painfully hip Angelinos; something you expect to find in Hollywood or Downtown. We decided to sit in the gorgeous outside patio, though the inside offers a superb loft-like space where you can sit at the bar or in booths.

Our server was quite nice, obviously not from LA, and tended to us rather quickly and efficiently; although he did promise a free dessert that we never received.  One look at the menu, which claims to be a Spanish Taverna, and I immediately thought, “Oh no, this is going to be like Rivera”, which in my opinion is not all its made up to be. It has an odd combination of ceviches and paellas, which isn’t bad; it’s just not truly Spanish. Regardless, since we were both feeling Mexican food, we split the Shrimp Ceviche and three tacos (Shrimp, Mixed Peppers, and grilled Sea Bass).

The shrimp ceviche was smartly executed; well balanced levels of acidity with a little heat and a little sweet from the pineapple. It is served with plantain chips, which I think is a little over done but still went nicely with the ceviche. The tacos were the real standouts, perfectly portioned, excellently seasoned and beautifully presented. Each taco is finished off with an avocado sauce that gets a little lost, but adds a nice element of creaminess and really ties all of the tacos together. I am excited to try out some of these recipes at home and invite our friends over for a taco night.

Being a native Mexican, I have to say the Chef has really pinned down the flavor profiles of authentic Mexican food (which is odd because it should be a Spanish restaurant) and I look forward to returning to try out some of the paellas to see if her Spanish profiles matchup.


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