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Trendy Coffee

For those of you who are into artisan foods  have surely noticed an increase in goods that are being locally handcrafted and marketed to fashionably hip and socially aware consumers. For example, intelligentsia  or stumptown coffee company were the pioneers in revolutionizing the way we consume coffee. While I believe their intentions were to produce a much more sustainable product, it  seemed to have also turned coffee drinking into somewhat of a fashion statement. If you step into any one of these hip, local coffee shops you will see hipsters drinking coffee using the “pour over” method or the vacuum coffee makers, which claim to produce a cleaner, crisper cup o’ joe.

I decided to give it a go at the Republic of Pie, located in North Hollywood, which serves some pretty damn good pies and actually a very good cup of coffee. I ordered a soy latte and Cameron ordered a large “pour-over” coffee. It was hard to tell if the coffee itself was really good (they serve intelligentsia) or if it was in fact the pour-over method that made a big difference. I got distracted by the guy who was preparing our coffee, who was acted as if he was a “coffeeologist” (and yes he had a mustache), and gave us a huge lecture about why this method was the best.

All in all, I do prefer coffees like intelligentsia or stumptown over huge corporate companies like Starbucks or Peet’s. I just hope that like many fashion/food trends which seem to come and go, we continue to be more aware of our social and environmental impacts when it comes to consuming food, rather than move on to the next hot thing.


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