Woori Market

Last year my fiance and I had the privilege to house a beautiful corgi named Castro. I quickly fell in love with him and cherished every waking moment spent together. One of my favorite bonding moments with him was walking to Little Tokyo to do our weekly shop at the Woori Market.

This gem of a market offers everything from Valencia oranges to Geo Duck, a large salt water clam. They also have an extensive collection of kimchi (my new favorite thing in the world) as well as a great selection of  sushi. They offer very competitive prices compared to the local Ralphs, which lets be real is almost as expensive as Whole Foods.There is also a great little food court where you can pick up some noodles if you get hungry while you shop. As a baker, I revel in stopping by the bakery to grab a sample of japanese pastries, filled with cream cheese and jellies.  I highly recommend stopping by the Woori and seeing for yourself how wonderful it truly is.