Welcome to NatalieEatsLA! As some of you may know I am a pastry chef in Los Angeles. I have worked in some great places, such as The Peninsula Hotel and Bottega Louie. My favorite thing to do, besides bake, is go out and explore all of the wonderful eateries in Los Angeles. Some of the best food isn’t found in the five star restaurants or hotels, but rather is hidden amongst the strip malls that you may drive by everyday. This blog will guide you through the city and help you discover some of LA’s best kept secrets, as well as give you my opinion on new restaurants around town. I will also try to recreate some the┬árecipes of my best-loved spots as well as give you some of my own go-to recipes.

These glorious tacos can be found at one of my favorite lunch time spots Guisados, which is in East LA close to the USC hospital. I highly recommend getting the taco sampler which includes 6 mini tacos; including cochinita pibil and carne asada to name a few. Be careful with the habanero sauce, it is very very hot and will leave your mouth on fire for a long time! Cool off your burning tongue with one of their delicious aguas frescas, my favorite is the canteloup.


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